PayPal is the preferred payment method for donations. Once we have received your payment, the specified Minecraft account will automatically receive a donator cape and we will email you your transfer secret.



Besides PayPal we also accept crypto currencies. If you wish to pay with a crypto currency and want a cape, you will need to send us an email ([email protected]) containing proof of payment and the Minecraft username you want the cape to be linked to. Just enter the received token in the form below and request your transfer code.

Bitcoin Cash

How to donate?

If you want to support us and the development of LiquidBounce, donations are a great way to do so. In order to receive a cape, you would have to pay a one-time amount of 4 USD. The design of the cape might change in the future. Currently it looks like this.

If you have decided to pay with PayPal you just have to enter the name of the Minecraft account you want to link to your cape in the upper field. You can also move it to another account in the future.

If you paid with a crypto currency instead, follow the instructions above.

What is a Transfer Code?

A transfer code is similar to a password. It is associated with your donation and is used to transfer your donator cape to the account you are currently using. So other LiquidBounce players also see that you are a donator if you don't play on your main account. For this to work, all you have to do is enter your code in the appropriate LiquidBounce menu (explained below). The rest is done automatically.

How do I setup my cape?

The following video explains what you have to do to ensure that your cape is always transferred to the currently used account.

I forgot my Transfer Code

If you forgot your transfer code and have no backups of it, you can request it here.

Concerning refunds

If any problems occured while donating, you donated too much or did it completely by mistake we will refund your money. Please contact us as soon as possible. However, we will not refund your money if you just changed your mind and do not want to support us anymore.

I need help!

If you need help, feel free to contact us:

E-Mail: [email protected]

Twitter (DM):