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Bitcoin Cash

How to donate?

If you want to support us you can donate. All your information is sent using secure SSL. Just enter your Minecraft in-game name above and hit "Continue" You do not have to do this but otherwise you will not get donater cape in-game which looks like this. You can donate as much as you want but only people who donated at least 4$ will receive a donator cape.

I have donated, what now?

After PayPal successfully processed your payment we will get notified. It might take some time for us to to verify your donation. If you used a crypto currency instead of PayPal and want to receive your donator cape, please send an e-Mail to [email protected] including your Minecraft username and a proof of payment.

Next time you start LiquidBounce you should be able to see your cape.

Concerning refunds

If any problems occured while donating, you donated too much or did it completely by mistake we will refund your money. Please contact us as fast as possible. However, we will not refund your money if you just changed your mind and do not want to support us anymore.

I need help!

If you need help feel free to contact us:

E-Mail: [email protected]

Twitter (DM):