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Please click here to view a tutorial on how to install LiquidBounce.
Yes, it is. We do not collect any data of our users and we never will. If you still do not trust us, just do not use our client.
Setting keybinds is actually pretty easy in LiquidBounce. Simply open up the chat and type .bind [module] [key] to add a new keybind or .bind [module] none to remove one.
Example: .bind killaura k/.bind killaura none
Just press RSHIFT to open up the ClickGUI, search for HUD and enable it.
Alternative method: Open up the chat and execute .toggle HUD.
WARNING: Teleport will not work on 1.11.2+ servers since Mojang patched it. Sorry.
Once Teleport is enabled you will see a box marking the position you are looking at. Just middle-click to lock the spot, you want to teleport to and sneak.
If you do not have any sound in Minecraft try pressing f3+t to reload the texture pack. If that does not work make sure Minecraft is not muted by rightclicking the speaker symbol in your taskbar.